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This page shows a list of FAQ in the center area and a list of latest events on the right side. The list of frequently asked questions can be displayed in different ways. It is possible to show entries as a flat list or by using a category view as shown below.

To get a categorized view, simply create a subfolder structure in the folder /modules/faq/. Each folder is displayed as a single category, using the "Title" property of the folder as category name.

Questions about OpenCms

The following FAQ answer questions about OpenCms.

Path: FAQ | Feedback to OpenCms 6

How can I give feedback to OpenCms 6?

Please provide feedback for this release and the following releases, especially regarding bugs. In case you find any bug, please use the OpenCms bugzilla to document it, or at least post a note to the opencms-dev mailing list. The more feedback and code contributions are made, the better OpenCms will be in the future.


Festival of San Fermin
Thu, 7/7/05 - Spectacle of bulls running through the streets of the town

This is the title of event 0001
Wed, 8/24/05 - This is the short description of event 0001

Soccer for all
Fri, 9/2/05 - A soccer tournament for everybody

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