Configuration of "templateone"

The contents of this folder describe the usage of the OpenCms templateone features. Additionally, the basic templateone configuration is described here.

Please note: This template has been developed in a "real life" project. It should provide a usable "out-of-the-box" template in case you do not want to invest time to create an individual OpenCms template for yourself. But this template is not suitable for beginners to learn basic OpenCms template development, it has a complex structure due to the advanced functions. To learn how to develop simple JSP templates from scratch, you should have a look at the "Welcome / Release notes template".

Creating microsites with templateone

What is a microsite?

You know the site feature of OpenCms that allows management of multiple websites with one OpenCms instance. So what is a microsite used for?

Templateone has a variety of configuration options for appearance and general behaviour. The microsite allows to configure smaller parts of a large website using templateone to utilize their own configuration files and to build their own, independent navigation and/or layout.

Additionally, each microsite can use a set of individual XML contents to display news messages, events, job offerings or FAQs.

Basically, creating a microsite means to build a small independent area for a website.

Note: When you create a new microsite folder in the OpenCms Explorer view, all necessary configuration folders and files are copied automatically into it.

Additional elements on the side can be added by the template.

Using the "style_side_uri" property, you can point to a different page resource that the template displays on the side of the page, like this text here. This allows you to create content that can be re-used on many pages on the website.

Use this feature for special announcements or other shared content.

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Menu navigation

The following links are used to build the DHTML menu navigation entries.