Welcome to the OpenCms 6.0 "templateone" demo

Logo OpenCms This page (and all other pages using this layout) are made using the "templateone" template. This is a full featured OpenCms 6.0 template with additional functions like full text search and automatic navigation building. This template is intended to demonstrate the OpenCms 6.0 capabilities as well as serve as an extended example base to create own template variations.

Please note: This template has been developed in a "real life" project. It should provide a usable "out-of-the-box" template in case you do not want to invest time to create an individual OpenCms template yourself. But this template is not suitable for beginners to learn basic OpenCms template development, it has a complex structure due to the advanced functions. To learn how to develop simple JSP templates from scratch, you should have a look at the "Welcome / Release notes template".

Feedback to the functionality of this template is most welcome.

Features of "templateone"

  • Multiple template elements with "direct edit"
  • Integrated full text search
  • Highly configurable template using properties
  • Easily exchange colors, images and other template formatting
  • Build in print version
  • Build in accessible or classic version
  • "Contact author of article" function
  • "Recommend page" function
  • more...

Click here to learn more about the configuration options of "templateone".

Developed by Alkacon Software GmbH

Logo AlkaconThe "templateone" template has been developed by the team of Alkacon Software GmbH - The OpenCms experts for OpenCms version 6.0. You are free to use and modify this example template under the terms of the GPL license.

Please contribute additions or extensions to this template back to the OpenCms community.

OpenCms 6.0 now features support for the XmlContent resource type

Using XML content, you can easily create "structured" content that uses a specified w3c XML schema. This powerful feature can be used to easily create news tickers, product information, job descriptions etc.

Please check the XML content demo pages for more information (needs to be installed as a separate module).

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