Scriptlet access to XML content demo page

This is a simple JSP page that produces similar output (except this text) as the Tag based list page /xmlcontentdemo/list.jsp. The creation of this page is based on scriptlet access to the OpenCms XML content instead of jsp tag access.

To check the funcitionality of scriptlet access to XML content for detail pages the property template-elements on the top folder /xmlcontentdemo/ of this page may be changed from
For a single file test this property may also be set to an article directly which will override the property value on the top level folder.

Sample article 1

This is the teaser or the first sample article.
By Alkacon Software GmbH

This is the article 2 sample

This is the sample article number 2. This is just a demo teaser.
By Alkacon Software GmbH

Nice sample article 3

Yet another example article for the example.
By Alkacon Software GmbH

This is article number 4

This is another teaser (writing samples can become tiresome).
By Alkacon Software GmbH

Above you see a list dynamically generated using xmlcontent objects.

Please note: A powerful option of OpenCms 6.0 is to create such a list as a page element, and include this element in your template. Click here to see such a page in action.

XML content Highlights

Among the many uses for the OpenCms 6.0 XML content are:

Automatic editor generation with multiple widgets. Check out the Widget Demo to see all available widgets in action.

It's possible to "nest" OpenCms XML content, i.e. one XML content definition can include another. See the Nested XML Content example.

XML content can be used for RAD in OpenCms. See the Email Form Editor example.

OpenCms XML contents are defined by a W3C XML schema that can contain additional information for custom content validation, editor layout, default values and property mappings.

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